EDM Identity is in search of writers who wish to use creativity to express their passion for electronic dance

We believe writing is used as an artistic outlet – from news, press and interviews to small club events and large
music festivals. We invite writers who align with our objectives and enthusiasm to apply and become a part of
our rapidly growing website. This is currently an unpaid position, but can lead to future negotiations and benefits.

We are a tight-knit team of inviting friends who are devoted to the scene and pursuing the constant growth of
the EDMID brand. You’ll have unique and potential opportunities for interviewing top artists in the industry or
covering some of the best events and festivals in the business while  connecting with under like-minded individuals under the EDMID name. This is also a perfect opportunity to begin a creative portfolio alongside growing other important skills to pursue further goals.


– It’s simple – create interesting and appealing content for the site and write about it.
– Once you become a part of our team, we openly invite you to express your passions and love for the EDM
community through writing; whether that be through an informative article on the latest festival or an
event guide on the nightlife and clubbing in your city… anything is possible!
– Stay up to date on the latest news and happenings in the electronic music scene
– Actively attend events, concerts and music festivals and stay connected to your peers in the community


– Experience with WordPress or ability & desire to self-teach these tools
– Attend a virtual meeting 1 hour per week
– Readily available and open majority of the day for communication via smartphone
– A reliable high speed home internet connection and laptop/desktop
– Pays excellent attention to detail
– Can commit to working about 1 hour a day (8 hours per week) but can work on your own time
– A quiet, comfortable workspace at home with flexibility to work at your own time
– Complete tasks before they are due and manage time appropriately

Please reply with a resume & at least three writing samples to admin@edmidentity.com.

Our Mission:

EDM Identity strives to provide quality content about electronic dance music and the culture that surrounds it
in the US and abroad. This is established by keeping up with and reporting on the happenings in our
community while simultaneously promoting companies and artists on the rise. EDM Identity also provides the
unique opportunity of giving fans that make up our scene a platform to express themselves and showcase their
own involvement in the community.