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Are you up for spearheading a bold project that’s going to make extremely huge waves?


Looking to team up with an event producer to organize an EDM event in Los Angeles.

This is a ground-zero project. You will be a co-running the entire production right from the start. This will ideally lead to a building up a long-term EDM events brand of which you will be a founder.


As a co-organizer, you will be responsible for:

– Budgeting and accounting

– Securing a venue

– Staffing the event (bartending, security, ticketing, etc.)

– Owning all operations responsibilities


Required skills (or skills you desire to develop)

– Business Development

– Negotiating

– Building/leveraging relationships with vendors

– Spreadsheets

– Managing staff


If you’re adventurous, entrepreneurial, and truly committed to making something awesome¬†that people will love, you officially have permission to be a badass. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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