CAked Events is looking for Jr. Talent Managers that are highly meticulous and organized to help run our bookings and manage our DJ’s. We are a rapidly expanding company and are looking for someone who can keep up with many tasks at once and knows all about the music biz and underground scene. Join our fun and highly energetic team to be a part of something new and BIG. If you’re looking to break into the business or build your name this is it!!

Responsibilities include:

Management of bookings and DJ’s

Must be comfortable working closely with other company representatives in order to organize events and ensure that coordination is a smooth process.

Will be confirming with all DJ’s and venues to secure plans and bookings in a timely manner.

Must have knowledge of the music scene and industry. 1 year of experience preferred.

Must have strong talent seeking and general management skills  (this will include being able to book events from different kinds of genres as well as dj’s that we manage)

Able to negotiate contracts, payments and other crucial information with other managers, promoters, agents from any given event.

Transportation will not be provided and as such it is essential that you have your own dependable way of getting around.

Perks include but are not limited to–

Free entry to certain events

Network and contact set up

Opportunity to network with people at the heart of the underground indurstry

About CAked Events

CAked Events Throwing music festivals for the EDM Culture
CAked Events is trying to bring the Edm community together to get caked up through artistic experiences and unique music. We want unparalleled adventures, good vibes and PLUR all around with the best people we can find. Let's create those memories you know will last a lifetime. Help us grow and become a bigger part of the edm community by showing your support at our events and getting CAked up with us. Venture into the sweeter side of life with us here at CAked Events!