As an A&R assistant, you will be responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of our artists. You will act as a liaison between artists and the record label and be involved with every activity involving artists to the point of the music project/ single release. You will be expected to understand the current tastes of the market and our label and to be able to find artists that will be commercially successful.


Evaluate talent and match with potential audience tastes.
Sign talent to label with executives approval.
Review artist submissions.
Following leads from any ‘buzz’ created by artists.
Checking industry insiders (managers, agents, attorneys, concert promoters, label promo reps, retail contacts, trade and consumer press tips, regional ‘scenes’, or other sources.)
Watching for talent on other labels, whose contracts are expiring.
Coordinate label relationships for an artist, once they are signed to the label.



Please only submit to us once you’ve familiarized yourself with our label, our songs, and our style. If you’re a rap A&R person, you are in the wrong spot.

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