We are looking for those who have a passion for dance music and would love to write about it as well.  Openings are available for dance music news/writers and dj tech writers. Minimum output is 2 articles per week typically.

The job is does not require relocation – you can work remotely from your home town. Living in large town especially San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC or Miami is helpful as it will allow for more potential on-site events to attend (for free!) and review.


– Good writing skills

– Love dance music

– Can meet regular deadlines

– Preference for WordPress experience however not required

– Will be available for at least 2 articles per week



Compensation is provided by working in the dance music industry, receiving writing by-lines on a long and well established dance music website and the opportunity to attending events/festivals and interview major artists.

To apply please detail your experience (if any) in the dance music world as well as a writing sample. If you have not published a writing sample before, please create a short review or article pertaining to the dance music world for review.


About EDM Life

EDM Life was launches in 2009 and is one of the oldest and most well regarded dance music websites in the industry.