If your into EDM Trap, what ever style included. And want to join up in the building of the biggest challenge there is on the Internet. To be the site that engages its users and followers to make the biggest recourse on the internet, when it comes to EDM Trap. Site is ready for building, needed are people with engagement and a love for the music and industry. Let us claim the throne off EDM Trap, and be the leading force to make the genre bigger, better and create greater things with it. No need for knowledge about who, where and when, without hart and a “never give up” attitude you won’t fit in. Whatever you’re good at, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. First and foremost needed are: Content creators (Copy)Writers Designers Coders, html 5, Java, PHP. Video editors, aftereffects, special effects. Photographers Producers/Djs Promotors All of the above needs to be loving what they do, let’s creat our playground to jumpstart carers and play a part in music history.