Since our core mission is to enable creativity as a more viable lifestyle both externally and internally, we want our developers to be passionate content creators themselves. This way, we can provide the best features because we empathize with our customers. Further, we want to foster a culture of creativity and making dope sh*t. This means spending Friday afternoons collaborating and creating content togethr, as well as thinking outside the box to solve tough problems.

We are looking for software developers, who are passionate about learning and creating. If interested in learning more, email massey@gethr.to

About gethr

gethr is a tech-startup with multimedia and "unicorn" ambitions but knows success requires concentrating and solving one problem at a time. Therefore we are first focusing on delivering a great service to two types of synergistic creators: musicians and live streamers, before expanding to other types of creators like DJs, videographers, and beyond.

We are building a Machine Learning enabled music promotion platform that plugs into Twitch.tv.  Artists and record labels come to us for promotion and we, in turn, curate their songs for Twitch streamers to play in the background of their streams.  We use big data and AI to make sure artists' songs are put in front of audiences that like that kind of music and that those songs fit with the game the streamer is playing. This keeps the streamer's audience (and thus the streamer) happy. We keep the artists happy because we also provide a way for the stream viewers to add the currently playing song to their Spotify library and/or playlists providing excellent marketing for the artists!