Are you a fan of electronic music and also want to work closely with up and coming artists? Lftd Music Group are now putting our full attention on Lftd Recordings as we are nearing our full launch date!

You will get to work directly with LFTD RECORDINGS DJ’s such as Solus Sun, Rever Deep, Juila Mikhailova and many more! as well as Lftd Music group employees, learning……… lots if you allow us to teach you. We currently have 5 Different positions opening.


-12-20 hours -Min. 4 month commitment

-Unpaid, possible college credit (depending on college program)

-Potential to turn into paid position


-Social Media – learn and execute strategies for building and engaging a core audience via major networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) on behalf of Lftd’s brand, this includes the artist’s.

-Content Marketing – learn how to effectively develop concepts, research stories, and write social media content of interest Ltfd’s audience. Learn how to use this content to grow and engage an online audience.

-Soft skills – learn how to operate in a start-up environment: how to manage expectations, how to plan and organize tasks to meet moving deadlines, how to take direction, report to, and work  with our organization leaders.

-Artist Management – Learn how the in’s and out’s of the music industry.

“The following are skills we would like to know If you have”

-Good working knowledge of the best-practices and administrative mechanics of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

-Sincere interest in a career in social media, marketing and/or PR

-Good familiarity with electronic dance music culture, musicians, and industry

-Natural attention to detail

-Excellent writing skills

-Knowledge in Mixing and Mastering and Video editing , and Video Directing.


– Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube knowledge

-Knowledge in Online social paid marketing

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to:

Matthew McMillan Management@lftdglobal.com

Note: This internship is available to anyone anywhere. It is a virtual position.


LFTD RECORDINGS IS A BRANCH OF LFTD MUSIC GROUP FOUNDED IN 2018 BY DJ/PRODUCERS PASCOVSKI V (UK) AND SOLUS SUN (CAN). IT’S PURPOSE IS TO ENLIGHTEN SOCIETY TO THE REALISM THAT WE ARE WHOLE IN ITS SOLUS SELF WITH MUSIC AS THERAPY. WE’RE AN ARTIST MANAGEMENT COMPANY, A RECORD LABEL, A BOOKING AGENCY, A CONCERT PRODUCER AND A PROMOTION & PUBLICITY AGENCY. LFTD Music Groups core values are Unity, Respect, Peace and Health. Bringing diversity of people around the globe and helping to support being unique is a characteristic of our culture. To embrace fear of being different is to LIVE and LOVE. #GETLFTD'