Key Responsibilities

  • Mentoring and guiding beginning musicians through their music journey.
  • Topics include giving general music career advice, educating musicians on how the music industry works, helping the artist preparing to getting signed, improving the artist’s music, growing the fan base, and any other music and career related topics.


Person Specification

  • BA / BS degree
  • 2+ years experience in the music industry at a record company, booking agency, management agency, or publisher. Preferably in an artist facing role.
  • Conformity with our core values; empowerment, excellence, nimble, realistic, and efficiency
  • Hands-on and creative focus
  • Flexible and problem-solving mind-set


This role entails a paid job for 10 to 40 hours per month, depending on our needs. This role does not qualify as an internship or thesis. Send your CV with grade lists to thomas@nimble-agency.co.

About Nimble Agency

Nimble Agency strives to challenge the status quo in the entertainment industry, by having a continuous impact on the careers of its clients -artists and enterprises- through turning insight into meaningful long-term growth opportunities. Nimble Agency is a consultancy agency, providing services to both artists and enterprises in the entertainment industry.

Before starting Nimble Agency, the two founders had been active on the artistic and corporate side of the entertainment business. In their accumulated ten years of experience, they have worked together with 10+ corporates and 140+ artists. While doing so, they discovered the unceasing struggle of entertainment business entities in defining their strategic path, both in detecting and solving problems as well as uncovering and utilizing the opportunity. Nimble Agency serves this increasing demand, by entailing management consulting in thirteen topics that develop the analytical presentation of potential growth opportunities for its seven markets and monitoring the implementation of these opportunities.