Parazhit’s music is managed by a dedicated team of talented channel curators who give their time to keep electronic music alive and genres growing.

Ideal Candidate:

Channel Curator is a privileged title that will afford you great influence over a genre. We choose our Curators carefully to ensure that we remain known for the high broadcast standards we have today.

You might be a great Channel Curator if:

You love Parazhit.
You are an obsessive curator of music.
You know your favorite genres well enough that your ears, not pop culture, can tell you what is good.
You understand the fundamentals of digital media, encoding formats and audio enhancement techniques.
You are more interested in the success of musicians than achieving fame by playing their music.
You can communicate clearly in written English.

We are currently looking for Channel Curators for Parazhit main stream and 4 upcoming radio stations:

Parazhit (EDM): Every kind of Electronic and Dance music
O******t (Underground Channel) : Techno / Minimale / Garage / Fidget/Wobble / & more
G*****t (Bass Channel) : Hip Hop & Chillwave / Dubstep / Trap / Drum&Bass / Breakbeat / & more
E****t (House Channel) : Deep House / House / Future House / Tropical House / Techno-House / & more
X***t (Hardstyle Channel) : Hardstyle / Raw / Freestyle / Hardcore / & more
If you are one of our ideal candidates, we would love to hear from you!

About Parazhit

With over 5M listeners each month, Parazhit is the world’s largest electronic music radio station. Founded in 2010 with a single channel, Parazhit is today available via the Web, mobile applications, and third-party streaming partners. Through a vast catalog of electronic music, Parazhit ensures a superior listening experience with
authenticity, originality, and depth.

Based in the center of Amsterdam, NL, Parazhit has worked and partnered with major event companies including ID&T, Ultra Music Festival, Alda Events, Live Nation etc. We have an excellent relationship with more than 80 artists’ management including Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Don Diablo, The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Avicii just to name a few.