Description: Be a part of the Powerhouse EDM team.

This position will execute a wide variety of tasks including but not limited to:


  • Assist with the planning of DJ bookings & shows
  • Assist with the planning and execution of our music festival program and our partner Insomniac (i.e. EDC, White Wonderland, etc.)
  • Assist with on-the-ground operations at festivals and shows
  • Respond to guest list inquiries for events
  • Provide customer service for events
  • Engage in various facets and types of marketing when necessary
  • Communicate with vendors and clients
  • Any other tasks that are critical to Powerhouse operations.


  • Paid hourly compensation
  • Valuable experience in the fast growing industry of EDM
  • Letter of recommendation

Related Events

  • EDC and other Insomniac shows
  • Various music festivals (HARD, Xanadu, etc.)
  • Weekly DJ shows at Exchange LA
  • DJ shows at various Hollywood clubs and Hollywood club Grand Openings
  • Powerhouse USC events
  • Various Special Events

About Powerhouse Entertainment

Powerhouse specializes in events and nightlife marketing for the Southern California community.

Private and Corporate Event Production - Powerhouse produces events from A-Z and works with dozens of venues in Los Angeles. From the venue, to security, to the DJ and production elements - we do it all. Visit http://powerhousela.com/plan-an-event/ for more info.

DJ-Booking - Powerhouse has a roster of DJ's that headline at venues in Los Angeles on a regular basis. We book at various venues in LA including DBA, Lure, Bootsy Bellows, Exchange LA, Project and more. Do you know a DJ that would like to get some shows? Email festival@powerhouseLA.com for more info.

Music Festivals & Concerts - We are the official provider of transportation for Music Festivals and also offer packages with tickets and bus passes. Email festival@powerhouseLA.com for more info.

LA nightlife - we host a variety of events every week ranging from shows with world-class DJ's to boutique/premiere Hollywood nightclubs. You can find a list of events at http://www.powerhousela.com/guest-list

Luxury Transportation Service - We offer preferred rates on luxury buses and limousines. Email info@powerhouseLA.com for more info.

Las Vegas Hotel Rooms, Nightclubs and Pool Parties - We offer discounted rooms year round at a wide selection of Las Vegas hotels. We also offer VIP access to clubs and pool parties along with our hotel packages. Email vegas@powerhousela.com for a quote anytime.

Birthday Parties - We offer nightclub birthday party services, often including a party bus or limousine and a complimentary bottle of champagne. Depending on the wishes of our clients we also book dinners, private parties, and more. Visit http://powerhousela.com/plan-an-event/ for more info.

Text 323.400.4775
Email info@powerhouseLA.com