The Dishwasher is responsible for maintaining, cleaning and washing the all dining utensils in the venue and ensuring the venue is in compliance with all health codes. The Dishwasher will also be required to know the different chemicals used depending on the material of the dish, utensil, or glassware. Have fun and make friends!!!
Clean and stock all dish rooms.
Wash and polish all glassware.
Wash all dishware, silverware, and utensils.
Wash and dry all trays and mesh.
Wash and polish all fruit trays
Empty, clean and stock all soda trays.
Wash and clean all drains.
Wipe and clean all stainless steel to include coolers, metro racks, and shelving.
Sweep and mop floor in surrounding area and around the dish washer.
Clean and wipe dishwasher.
Verify correct chemical levels in dishwasher.
Wipe and clean 3-compartment sink.
Ensure all glass racks are off floor and stacked properly.
Ensure all cleaning chemicals are properly stored beneath sink and that hand washing sink is stocked.
Ensure work area is in compliance with the California Heath District health codes at all times.
Possess the ability to work as part of a team.
Must exhibit a focused attention to detail, while working in a high-pressure environment.
Must be self-motivated to see tasks through to completion.
Must be able to lift and carry heavy trays and equipment in addition to handling delicate objects, such as glassware, without damaging.
Maintain a clean and safe working environment as outlined by the California Health District.
Must be fluent in the English language, both written and oral. Multilingual skills are a plus.
Must possess a CA Food Handlers Card
Must be 21 years or older.
Understands and enforce federal, state, and local food sanitation regulations.
Must be neat and clean in appearance and physically fit to perform the duties required.
Must be able to stand or walk a minimum eight-hour shift.
Must be able to twist, tow (push or pull), reach, bend climb and carry objects as necessary.
Must be able to bend, pull, and carry bar stock to refrigerators and cabinets.
Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds and manually push/pull up to 150 pounds.
Must be able to use hand motion when cleaning and wiping counters and surfaces.
Must be able to listen and respond to visual and aural cues.
Must be able to work in a fast pace and high-volume environment in the presence of areas containing second hand smoke, high noise levels, dancing, bright lights and dust and communicate during this time – sometimes within a small area.

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