Shuffle-a full-service creative brand partnership agency that drives new business to our clients. Working in the licensing and merchandising department will require you to identify new opportunities, secure placements, and negotiate deals relating to both areas. You will act as liaison between music users, merchandise brands, and copyright owners.

Job Requirements:

-Highly Motivated
-Sales experience
-Avid music lover
-Inside sales (cold calls) experience
-Excellent organizational skills
-Ability to interact with a wide variety of clientele
Computer proficiency required Position Responsibilities:

-Generate new business through the sale of performing rights licenses to music users
-Research and pursue new business prospects
-Create strategies to secure retail placement
-Create strategies to generate more online sales
-Negotiate with online retailers and manufacturers
-Negotiate with brands
-may specialize in sync licensing, mechanical, performing, or a combination of copyright licensing
Overseeing the license administrators in the royalty department
Knowledge of music licensing and merchandising