You inspire and dazzle your colleagues with your depth of knowledge and ability to impart it.
You have a fundamental understanding of UDP and TCP as well as the streaming and real time delivery protocols built on these transport protocols.
You have experience with heterogeneous access networks found on the internet.
You can argue the finer points of different mainstream audio codecs (e.g. MP3, AAC, Vorbis, Opus, etc) containers (Ogg, MPEG4, WebM etc) and streams (MPEG1 Elementary Stream, MPEG2 Transport Stream etc).
You know how to tune audio codecs for quality, efficiency, error correction and transmission.
You’re not afraid to open a hex editor or network capture to understand an audio format, codec or protocol.
You have basic knowledge and experience developing for Android or iOS.
You’re passionate about web development and audio
You’re encouraged by the ability to engage with browser vendors to advance the state of the art
What we need your help with:

collection and analysis of streaming performance metrics
determination of best area of improvement, taking into considering implementation time, performance yield, trade offs
implementation of best candidate solution
re-evaluation of performance
post-mortem analysis of success, and re-evaluation of original goals

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