The Odyssey’s dance music section is looking for new contributors. If you love electronic music, want to cover shows for us, interview artists, and provide one post of any length per week on a topic of your choice within the electronic music realm, please reach out to me at camicush@gmail.com.



About The Odyssey

Odyssey is a social media platform committed to democratizing content creation while personalizing discovery. Launched in June 2014, Odyssey was founded to democratize the media business and elevate engagement, by magnifying broader perspectives and facilitating deeper conversations in and about the world. Distributing more than 50,000 pieces of content per month, Odyssey is built to capture the ideas of many and organically amplify those viewpoints to users around the world, using a hybrid model that incorporates the best aspects of social networking and publishing. Enabled by their proprietary technology, Odyssey’s “relevance engine” matches users with content they want to see, allowing them to lead conversations and drive engagement for a highly authentic experience. Our technology platform expands upon the traditional content model by fostering the creation, editing, distribution and consumption of world voices, while simultaneously amplifying them through organic social sharing. Marrying precise context with dynamic relevance, Odyssey is the only platform that allows people to seamlessly see and engage with different viewpoints on topics of interest to them from thousands of creators, all in one place. By providing its users with a 360° view of their interests, Odyssey expands their vantage point, fostering thoughtful conversation through its highly social and engaged community. We reach more than 30M monthly users and growing, with more than 14,000 selectively chosen creators contributing to the platform.