Looking for a host for live stream feedback.

A major production company of audio sample packs, construction kits, daw templates, articles for producers,
tutorials and audio courses are seeking someone who is willing to host our live stream feedback.

Our live stream feedback works like this:

Once a week for an hour you will select random tracks posted by users in our Discord chat.
You will then live stream the session on youtube, play the track and give professional insight
as to any improvements that can be made. (Such as panning, level setting, effects used, etc)


Fluent in EDM subgenres.
Experience creating electronic music/electronic music production
Available 1 day a week for 1-2 hours. (the same day/time every week, you pick the day)
Able to communicate clearly
Must have the proper equipment and stable internet connection
(Webcam, able to hear audio, speak into a microphone)
Would prefer someone who knows how to stream via youtube and familiar with Discord.

This is a non-paid opportunity that will allow you to plug your own endeavor and provide a reference.

Please contact theemptythought@hotmail.com to express interest or ask any questions.