I am an “Experimental Bass Music” producer, and have recently made a shift to producing deathstep (similar to tracks by people like Code: Pandorum, TenGraphs, and Qoiet), and have had some recent interest from some fans for me to play some shows, however I do not have the ability to negotiate bookings, as my fan base is a little small at the moment. I am looking for a manager that can help me grow and develop my image from a marketing standpoint, as well as a manager that can seek and negotiate bookings for me. Below are links you to my soundcloud, my twitch, and 2 private and unfinished songs for you to hear where my sound is going. If it helps I have some pretty large contacts in the EDM world, such as Qoiet, Pushloop, The Widdler, and UNKWN, as well as the team of Mad Management who manages KLOWN. I hope anyone who choses to help me is ready for a challenging, yet rewarding experience, as fans of deathstep and dark dubstep are TRUE fans and will always be loyal! Please send resume and a short detail of what you would like in a contract in regards to percentages.


Nothing is softer than water,
yet nothing can resist it.

WITHINSANITY is an experimental bass music artist from Canada that creates multi-genre concepts that often seem out of the norm. He has received support from artists such as HYLO and BL3R / UNKWN and is constantly striving to bring new sounds that are not all that common, even in the world of electronic music (yet he somehow still fails to do so...)

Label Releases:
All Things Trap: Underground

Promo Channel Releases:
Hydraulic Records