I’m continuously working on building my network within the EDM community here in Austin, TX which is where I hope to spend the majority of my time in the music industry.

My hope is to get in on the ground floor, and work my way up while continuing to hone my skills within the industry and finding a position that allows me to put my marketing and business skills to good use (background of 9+ years in Network Management & IP Analytics Software Sales/Media Marketing.)

At present, I have connections with venues, promotion companies, and artists of various sizes in Central Texas. My most recent mentoring has been specifically in the realm of artist hospitality, tour management, artist management and bookings. I also recently began working for a Austin Subsidiary of an Electronic Production Company doing promotions and tickets sales.


  • Artist Hospitality
  • Artist/Tour Management
  • blogger
  • booking agent
  • communications
  • Content Research Writer
  • Customer Success
  • Festival Productions
  • marketing
  • promotions
  • sales
  • Team Lead