Landmark Worldwide August 2012-present

–          Landmark Forum – a course designed to support people in creating breakthrough results in areas that are important to them, and gives them the tools to apply them in all areas of their lives.

–          Landmark Advanced Course – a course designed to understand and fulfill on what it means to perform and be a part of a team, and produce breakthrough results in life through operating as a team

–          Self-Expression and Leadership Program – a course designed to develop leadership and self-expression through creating a project that impacts a community that the participant is involved in through the support of a mentor also known as a coach.

o    Coach – as a coach of the Self Expression and Leadership Program (SELP), I was accountable to cause, support and retain a group of 5 participants in creating their community projects. The program methods included support in how to develop plans, set deadlines, have enrollment conversations with key leaders of different communities, and determine project successes through establishing clear measurable results. Through these methods my participants develop 2 non-profit organizations and 2 businesses.

o    Head Coach – as a Head Coach of the SELP, I mentored the coaches that were supporting the participants in making sure they fulfilled on the intention of the course. A lot of this work had to be done by phone calls, emails, and video/phone conferences across different time zones and schedules. I was developed to keep a high level of organization and communication in order to be effective at this role.

–          Introduction Leaders Program – a course designed to train people on how to listen for and reliably deliver that which makes a real difference in what customers are dealing with and what they really care about.


Mark Kamin and Associates

–          Mission Control

o    A course designed to maximize proficiency in productivity. Got practical tools that combined with SCRUM methodologies, can be applied at a companywide level


Date of Employment :  7/1/2013
Elite Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness
Houston, TX


Program Director – Youth Division
§  Responsible for the youth program of one of the largest martial arts organizations in the US.

§  Presented deliverables and team project updates on a weekly basis to the owners of the company detailing performance, gaps, and actions.

§  Led projects across multiple locations and multiple teams to research, develop and implement course curriculums

§  Developed and managed a team of staff, instructors, and volunteers with clear roles to execute company goals, service customers, and increase the value of the program.

§  Increased revenue of the program by 22% for the 2015 year

§  Ran marketing for the program through google, social media, business to business networking, and established relationships with local education institutions in order to increase production and manage requirements volatility

§  Retained over 50% of clients for 2015 year compared to the industry average of 10% per year

§  Started 2016 with a 10% increase in revenue and client value per quarter in Q1 and Q2.

Date of Employment :  January 2013-July 2013
Houston Texas Consulting
Houston, TX
Account Executive
§  Consultant for 2 Fortune 500 clients, Comcast Business Class and Staples subsidiary,

§  Managed a team of 4 individuals to meet goals specific to client needs and led a task force to determine AT&T’s compatibility with bringing them on as a new client

§  Ran daily SCRUM meetings to align team goals for the day, set actions, and train entry level employees on key concepts that clients wanted included in our marketing strategies

§  Specialized in bringing out individual leadership abilities in employees that were in both entry level and leadership positions.

o    Trained and developed multiple entry level employees to promote leadership positions

o    Logged over 500 hours of 1-1 training centered around sales, marketing, team development, public speaking, and communication with clients

§  Increased client revenue (Quill) by $23,000 net sales individually through direct marketing strategies and created a team to meet that mark and go beyond individually as well, for a total amount of $90,000 net sales increase in client revenue in the time span of 4 months.

§  Increased client revenue (Comcast) $50,000 net sales individually in the time span of 3 months, earning the trust of working with Staples as a new client.

§  Successfully implemented company marketing strategies to not only increase revenue for multiple clients, but trained and developed other successful executives to do the same.

Date of Employment :  January 2011-January 2013
Timken Boring Specialties
Houston, TX

Sales Support Coordinator
○  Met client demands, manage and oversee their orders to ensure successful completion and customer satisfaction, and worked with multiple teams in order to gather information and solve problems that may arise with orders in a fast-paced and high pressure environment in order to complete orders in a timely manner.

○  Used actions from daily SCRUM meetings once Agile environments were implemented.

NASA Johnson Space Center August 2009-January 2010
Contract Specialist (Intern)
Duties consisted of supporting the Space Station Procurement office under a contracting officer. This included but was not limited to: modifying existing contracts using Contract Management Module (CMM) closed out contracts that had been fulfilled, organized and maintained files with any and all information regarding existing contracts, etc.

NASA Johnson Space Center July 2008
National Aerospace Scholar Intern
System Manager of the Getting to Mars Team (Red Team): Responsibilities included: representing the Red team in mission briefings, used Scrum Master methodologies to organize positions and actions, helping present the red team final report at the Final Luncheon to Nobel Prize Laureates, state senators, NASA Leaders and employees. Student Speaker: provided the introduction speech representing the students of the program at the Final Luncheon


  • 4 years of Java programming
  • 5 years of marketing experience in alternative industries
  • bilingual
  • fluent in both English and Spanish