2017-2018: KT Industries, Field Engineer                                                                                                              Los Angeles, CA

Test  and certify low, mid, and high voltage electrical systems to city standards.
Fabricate custom electrical housing and components for commercial electrical systems.
Worked with lead engineers to organize and plan large-scale shutdowns for testing and maintenance.
Shop manager and organize all testing equipment along with refurbish and test customer electrical components
Determined appropriate sizes, ratings and location for all system devises, disconnect devises, and grounding equipment.
2014 – 2015: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                                                                   Pasadena, CA

Conduct background investigations using government soft wear
Customer service in the badging process for employees and outside contractors
Communicate with higher management on job specific deadlines.
Clerical as well as administrative work, managing scheduled meetings, communication between departments with security operations.
Provide customer service to all civil servant and contracted employees.
2011 – 2014:   0311 Rifleman U.S. Marine Corps                                                                               Camp Pendleton, CA

Led team members through international settings communicating and conducting humanitarian operations with foreign personnel
Conducted instruction on tactics, fitness, and medical/operation scenarios to subordinates and management
2009 – 2011:   8152 Security Forces U.S. Marine Corps                                                                Silverdale, WA

Processed classified visitor requests that included restricted area badging, access keys, and armed escort
Supervised security for $100 million of highly sensitive national assets, resulting in zero loss in a three-year period
Conducted convoy operations and supervised in-transit to ensure delivery of assets
Provided administrative briefings to superior personnel of security patrols, tasks of emergency drills, and responses


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