Ten years of extensive experience as a live Sound Technician, Mix Engineer, and Stagehand in concert venues and theaters of all sizes, in all phases of sound production. Proficient in the setup and operation of PA systems and all associated components, including analog mixing consoles (FOH and monitor), power amplifiers, loudspeakers (mains, fills, subs, and monitors), proper gain structure, signal path and signal processing (effects, dynamics, EQ, crossover, etc.), and recording devices (standalone and computer‐based DAWs). Exceptional communication skills with emphasis on delivering premium technical support and audio consultation to clients. Aptitude to multitask, adapt, innovate, and lead. Aligns solutions with organizational objectives. For up to fourteen years, has produced music‐ in studio‐ and played the violin, guitar, and piano.

Eight years extensive experience as a live Sound Technician and Mix Engineer in concert venues and theaters. Proficient in room design, sound system installation, and interior space acoustics. Experience in electronic music production with a ‘classically trained’ background (Suzuki method) and music theory.


  • architectural acoustics
  • audio editing
  • Gain structure
  • it management
  • Microphone placement
  • MIDI programing / sequencing
  • Mix-Down Buss / Sub-mixing
  • network / systems infrastructure
  • Patch-bay configurations
  • psychoacoustics
  • Room modes
  • signal processing
  • web development


Daytona State College

2002-2005 BS Information Technology

Dual enrollment courses at Advanced Technology College with a BS in Information Technology.


Prince The Official Tribute Show

9/2016-10/2016 Assistant Music Director

Xcel Energy Arena (18,500 seats) Minneapolis, MINNESOTA
Scheduling and logistics with rental companies / stage crew for all backline equipment for show.
Scheduling and backline setup for Artist rehearsal locations.
Sound technician during rehearsals. Mic’ed all instruments and ran main sound console during rehearsals.
Keyboard Technician for Morris Hayes, Cassandra O’Neal and Tommy Barbarella, Setup and programming presets and sound design for show.
Assisted the Musical Director with any scheduling, computer / office related issues.

Robertson Night Club

7/2014 - 10/2015 Audio Engineer

Consulted on equipment, setup, and sound design for multiple rooms at venue.
Maintained sound systems in working order for venue.
Senior live sound technician for large events when required.
Instructed resident sound technician on setup and management of equipment during club events.

West Pro Audio

1/2014 - 6/2015 Operations Manager

Designed and implemented a fully responsive custom front-end website for e-commence on Prestashop CMS.
Grew the company’s first year gross revenue to $326,000 by managing all sale avenues including e-Bay, Amazon, bid contracts and main website.
Handled all stock purchasing, order fulfillment and shipping logistics to the consumer.
Managed all shipping, credit card processing and distributor accounts.

Electronic Inventory Online, Inc.

3/2013 - 2/2015 Director of Operations

Designed and maintained a network encompassing: VMware Windows domain services, Sonic Wall firewall and CISCO wireless infrastructure with network attached RAID storage and automatic server backup capabilities.
Handled human resources duties and reported directly to the owner.
Managed marketing and growth of social media accounts to build client brand following through third party services.
Developed a comprehensive targeted marketing program measuring and analyzing corresponding metrics.
Expanded the company into corporate and government bid contracts, resulting in an additional $85,000 in gross revenue.

Club TSI Discotheque - Jacksonville, FL

4/2009 - 3/2011 Lead Sound Technician

Design complete sound system within a given budget.
Provided technical/sound support and vendor interface.
Ran FOH and monitor mixes.
Supervised assistant technicians on basic signal flow and console operation.
Managed over 175+ live events as the Head Sound Engineer (including stage setup and house/monitor mix) with various artists, e.g., Wu Tang Clan, Designer Drugs, Hulk, and Ladytron.
Maintained up‐to‐date knowledge of new audio equipment and software.
Produced music for special events.