Cedric Vanderwolf is a creative DJ duo like no other. Not just saying that to sound all fancy, but literally because they’re a couple! Residing in Atlanta, GA, home of trunk rattling 808’s and the craziest crowds known to man, they’ve been deeply influenced by the southern EDM scene and its rapid growth recently.


In the past couple of years, half of the duo has shared the stage and had support from edm music heavyweights such as MRK1, Cassian, and LBCK, to locals such as Mantis, Midnite Panda, MK Ultra, Ployd, Nuk, and Snellvillan. Played at QUAD , Connect Lounge , Rush lounge , Kingdom Rave and many tours throughout the United States. He was feautured on blogs such as,,, and to name a few and held a combined total of 50,000 plays on soundcloud and over 100,000  plays on youtube.

  Their sound consist’s of high energy, speaker busting bass, incredible mash ups and smooth transitions. Sticking to one genre is not their thing, they like to mix it up with different genres with festival house, deep house,  trap, moomba, dubstep and melbourne bounce.

 They want to be known as something new and fresh in the edm scene. A couple that can portray they’re love for music together.


  • DJ
  • entertaining
  • producing