Hello, my name is Cheyenne-Taylor DeJesus, I have been impacted by meeting many artistes, such as DJ Carnage, Snake and Herobust. I have been changed I am supposed to be apart of this industry. I am very outgoing, hardworking, sociable, and I am always looking for the next new thing. I am very fun to be around and will do any task that I am told to do. I just need a chance. As Notorious BIG said, Baby give me one more chance. I need this.

By the way, I have a associated degree in communications. And experience working with ALT CITIZEN.COM I left Alt Citizen because they were focused on alternative music, when my main focus was on EDM. I am looking for a new EDM team to JOIN. The sound of EDM drives me, it motivates me to create, I can feel the vibrations of life when I listen and I wanna share it to the world thru my writing and my interviews. Please contact me if you would like a sample of my writing.

Call me: (917)-396-8176