Hello, this is Crispi Crunch.

We want to give you our profile and also member Cheezy’s latest solo track so that somewhat there could be a chance to perform.

We are from S. Korea, an EDM duo DJ/MC/Host performance group.

So far, we’ve been to places like…

-Manila, Phillipines SHOW CASE with KPOP idols

-LA, California (K Town Festivals)

-China Tour 2015 (Hanzou, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing)

-HongKong , Cebu

etc, a lot more + !


Recently, we’ve been worked our songs world widely with …

-Australia label “Bomb Squad”

-Canada label ” Pyramid Recordings”

-Sweden label “Bonerizing Records”


* We CrispiCrunch, are an independent team trying to reach out global,

Hope to hear from you soon ! Thank You very much ^^


We will be honored to work with you,


give us any feedbacks or contacts !!!



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  • MC / DJ / Producer / Vocalist (EDM DUO in S.Korea)