Hello, My name is Dania and my dream is to pursue my career as a booking agent, personal manager, and eventually move my way up to CEO and President through my own record label company. I am currently enrolled in Los Angeles Film School majoring in Entertainment Business for my Bachelors degree. I have about four years so far in the music industry working with different social media tours and talents, music festivals, booking agencies, and hope to achieve more experience as I accomplish my career. I was born and raised in Boston, currently still living here. I am determined to work hard and stay focused where ever I go. I consider myself as a reliable, hard working, determined, go-getter, motivated, organized, and problem solving person when it comes to business.


  • adaptability
  • graphic design
  • Great Communication
  • leadership
  • marketing
  • microsoft excel
  • microsoft word
  • organization
  • persuasive
  • photoshop
  • self-motivation
  • time management


Los Angeles Film School

September 2018 - 2021 Bachelors Degree