I am a motivated management professional/ producer.

I enjoy fostering prosperous relationships within all levels of organization so as to reach high levels of productivity. My greatest skill is the ability to create genuine and long-term connections with employees and management, attained through trust, empathy and professionalism.

I have also produced music that has been featured on popular music blogs and channels around the world such as The Edm Network, Melodic Sounds, Sensual Musique, La Tropicál‬, TropiKult, EDMT and many more (all averaging 100,000+ fan-base).

• Proficient understanding and application of online digital marketing strategies
• Well endowed with a diverse knowledge in music construction and business frameworks
• Strong analytical skills through logical and patient examining of all factors
• Exceptional understanding and application of HR theory in various situations.
• Strong ability to work independently as well as in a team setting in a leadership or advisory role
• Excellent communication skills through eloquent, concise and clear usage of words while actively listening and understanding other individuals point of views


York University

2010-2015 Human Resources Management (Honors)