Recently I have been in charge of multiple marketing campaigns in the music/entertainment industry through Eos nightclub in Santa Barbara, CA., which has been partnered with Insomniac since the beginning of 2017.  Through Eos, I headed the marketing efforts for specific shows and events, such as “Autograf,” to both UC Santa Barbara students as well as Santa Barbara residents, and tracked online performance reports and data analysis.  Marketing tactics I used and excel at are digital, social media, promotions, direct, creative, grassroots, cause, relationship, and those I have learned from Google AdWords.  At University of California, Santa Barbara, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Technology Management, with a focus in marketing and business strategy. I also studied abroad at University College Utrecht, an Honors College in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Marketing entertainment events and watching them succeed is what I am most passionate about, and my “go-getter” attitude mixed with my technical experience in show/event marketing as well as out-of-the-box thinking is what sets me apart and makes me a viable asset.

Two strong years in both marketing and promoting touring events at Eos nightclub, as well as starting a music event company, has allowed me to hone my marketing abilities and has created an aspiration to further my career in the music industry.  If you’re looking for a motivated, detail-oriented team member with an ability to collaboratively execute marketing efforts in the music and entertainment industry, then you have my word I will be that team member, and will always be dedicated.