Artist / freelancer with a strong entrepreneurial outlook and leadership skills looking to expand and learn more outside of home studio setting.

Singer-songwriter-producer – GESS — 2014-present

Fluent in Ableton, Pro Tools, Acid Pro, Adobe Audition.

Solo artist project, “GESS” has been featured in Billboard several times, Billboard Pride, and many more.

Performed live at major venues across San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Most songs are self-produced, written and recorded in my home studio along with the work I’ve done for other indie artists.
(Can provide links if needed)

Owner/founder, Eddit Productions — 2006-present

Full freelance business creating custom cheer competition music for competitive cheerleading organizations in 6 countries.

Solely responsible for all day to day administrative and creative tasks: music production, vocal recording/performance, writing, mixing, mastering, client relations, marketing, branding, etc.

Owner/founder, EPVP Sample pack store 2014-present

A branch off of Eddit Productions, EPVP is an online store that sells sample packs specifically for cheer music producers. Vocals, Synths, Drums, etc.


-Comfortable writing, recording and mixing in Ableton and Pro Tools
-Some experience setting up sessions but very quick learner
-Driven and self taught since 2006