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I am a professional working in all aspects of the music industry since 2010 and since 2015 concentrated on multi–day music festivals. I am passionate about giving audiences the best weekend of their lives and keeping them safe while doing so. Ultimately I seek to be in site operations or festival management.
Experience Highlights

  • Experienced in crowd control and direction
  • Trained to spot and respond to urgent situations in large crowds
  • Knowledge of access rights of laminates and passes

Customer Service

  • Five year background in consumer retail
  • Understanding of how to communicate with the public and resolve conflicts

Employment History
SECURITY, The National, AEG Live, Richmond VA (June 2015-Present)

HOSPITALITY, Classic Amphitheater, AEG Live, Richmond VA (May 2015)

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, Stubhub Live at SXSW, Collide, Austin TX (March 2017)

ARTIST CHECKIN, EDC Orlando, Insomniac Events, Orlando FL (November 2016)

VENDOR/STAFF CHECKIN, The Festy Experience, The Artist Farm, Nelson County VA (October 2016)

CHECKIN/TICKET SALES, Devil’s Backbone Hoopla, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company, Nelson County VA (September 2016)

HOLY GROUND CAMPING STAFF, Mysteryland USA, LiveStyle/SFX Inc, Bethel NY (June 2016)

MERCH SALES, Sunset Music Festival, Disco Donnie Presents, Tampa FL (May 2016)

ASSOCIATE, Kroger, Richmond VA (2011-2015)


Areas of Interest

  • Technology used in the industry such as RFID and Apple Square
  • Event site design and layout
  • First aid and emergency medical response on festival sites
  • Safety and harm reduction initiatives

Certifications and Training

  • Texas Alchoholic Beverage Commission

Server/Seller Certification #6379802

Exp. 03/07/2018