seeking job in photography. also work with art. design and graphic. but mainly, photography.

all mediums. most. various camera work. editing. etc. very good. love the music scene, so art vibes and music vibes are good for me to work in. i like photographing event. so i will make a good photographer. of event. show. festival. it is my dream. only dream. i will make a site. facebook. etc. and business card. to advertise. where people can see pictures of themself. and where they can see pictures of the event. venue. etc.

i take really good pictures. i look for photos that only i can take, so these photos are ones you want to see and definitely a/ THE reason you will need and want to hire me. 🙂


  • happiness-influencar


weir farm art academy

various class dates throughout year and works with other facilities impressionism



job doesnt have an end photographur

1. works with photoshop.
works with darkroom.
works with digital and manual
work with all sorts of cameras: nikon, canon, olympus..
-for listing.. event. festival. show. etc. all welcome. available to do all. any.