Hailey Harward-Mason

12555 Classic Drive, Coral Springs FL, 33071

Phone: (945)261-8757


To further my experience in a music/media related field.



High School Diploma (June 2016)


}  Senior Producer of The Recap (student produced show)

}  President of the TV Production club for 3 consecutive years

}  Student Teacher of TV Production Class

}  Director of The Recap for 3 consecutive years





Promoter (February 2016 –Present)

Apex Presents

Interacting with others and making friends is my primary goal in this job. I pass out a lot of fliers and work on my people skills while trying to sell tickets to amazing shows at various venues around South and Central Florida. While working I talk to almost everyone I meet, getting to know them and even becoming friends with some of them, creating a bond through my job. It isn’t full time, but I do allocate a certain amount of time (always at night) to going to meetings and shows, promoting our shows via social media, and meeting people all across South Florida.


Marketing Specialist (August 2016 –December 2016)

Nova Southeastern University

Initially hired as a videographer, I not only took charge in the creation of a short promotional video to showcase a product I had been put in charge of, but also assisted in researching, strategizing, and designing a new online product we hoped to be used in schools throughout the country.


Senior Producer  (August 2013 – June 2016)

Coral Glades High School

My job (as a student at the school) was to ensure that The Recap  runs smoothly on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis. I would work on alongside other students to script, shoot, edit, and produce segments to correspond to a themed show (The Recap) as well as create introductions for each segment and create a storyline to recap the events that took place over the past week/month. I acted as a secondary instructor in many aspects, teaching students to handle equipment (cameras, computers, etc.), use editing programs like FinalCut and Adobe Premier Pro and helping them troubleshoot any problems they came across. I would also interact with viewers, taking suggestions and doing spotlights on students.


Café Associate  (August 2015 – March 2016)

Panera Bread 2015 N University Dr. Coral Springs, FL 33071


It was my job to greet customers and assist with any issues they might have had while in the restaurant. I swept, mopped, cleaned, and sanitized close to every inch of the restaurant. I served and interacted with customers, and even made friends with some regulars, and ensured that whichever charity came to collect the bread and pastries we didn’t sell received what they were supposed to.



}  Use of many Adobe programs (Premier Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.)

}  Scriptwriting/storyboarding

}  Interacting with others

}  Editing footage

}  Solving Problems

}  Quick thinking

}  Being friendly




  • Adobe editing software
  • communication
  • Editing footage
  • FinalCut
  • Interacting with others
  • Quick thinking
  • Scripting/storyboarding
  • Solving problems