I am a 26-year-old electronic music producer who has worked on independent music project ‘Auvic’ for the past 8 years. Now, I am looking to broaden my outreach into new opportunities within the music production industry after having worked as a sole proprietor.

·     Troy High School – Class of 2011 – Fullerton, CA
·     Berklee College of Music, Electronic Production & Design (2013-2015)

·     Remixed & produced tracks on the Grammy-winning album, John Daversa Big Band’s “American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom”
·     Produced full original soundtrack for the iOS game, Radiangames’ “Speed Demons”
·     Released music and strategized marketing with record labels over the course of 3 years: Audiophile Music Group, Tasty Network, Epic Network Music, SectionZ Records, ODN Records
·     Independent releases & engagement with a strong online presence under the alias ‘Auvic’ with 35,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, 10 million accumulated views on YouTube, and 2.6 million plays on Soundcloud.

·     10 years of electronic music production experience:
o Proficient with FL Studio, including mixing, arranging, and recording
o Songwriting and composing
o Sound design with subtractive, additive, wavetable, and FM synthesis
·     Guitarist for over 15 years

·     John Daversa, University of Miami Professor & Jazz Composer
·     Jimmy Freer & Jacob Buck, owners of Audiophile Music Group
·     Luke Schneider, Developer at Radiangames



  • arranging
  • composition
  • guitar
  • mixing
  • music production
  • songwriting
  • sound design


Berklee College of Music

2013-2015 N/A

Electronic Production & Design Major