Cant say I slick say true

Claimed my story dreams come true

I am he the one they say

Buried under god

Here do I lay

Never will they say

Anyone could be better than I true

Under me the ground colapses

Lies around seeing maps and

I can say

The weight of the world didnt leave me

I am he the one called king

A chosen title let it ring



Crystal eye

Blue tooth

My rays of light

Fooled the fool

I am the

Not an it

Sing my song

Hear my story

No insides left

No limits

No backwards step

No after earth

I am remainder

What is it

Left i write my soul

Beauitful and hated

I am the truth

I swear they still hate it



When I look up

When I breath

When I am

Broken up

Pieces of me

Vision of nothing

Empty with silver light

Can I really do it

Was there an after life

Is the earth rounded up

Do the stars scatter

Do I really talk that way

Poets dreams matter

Mind state

Declaration of great

I am I am

Theyre not yet

Story teller king

I am under rated

I get


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