Joel Richard

 (613) 894-2790 (Cell)

664 Courtenay Ave, Ottawa, ON,

K2A 3B7


Objective: My objective is to obtain a position within the music industry where I can use my widely diverse experience and skills to help improve the world-case care, exceptional service and compassion for all factors. A commitment to quality completion of tasks is mandatory where working as a team member will provide the necessary needs to complete all duties on time and to the best ability.


Highlights of Qualifications: Research:

o Diligently worked to coordinate, collect, enter, verify, manage, analyze and report data in a clinical setting to determine the financial trends of the Department of Anesthesiology

o  Carefully handled clinical materials and followed quantitative methods in marketing research

o  Gained knowledge of the health care system while working in The Ottawa Hospital


o  Efficient writing skills within the health care industry, demonstrated through project proposals and other daily health care tasks

o  Employed excellent communication skills to deliver research and presentations that were well-received by peers and evaluators

o Strong clinical and interpersonal skills gained from working with hospital employees and              pharmaceutical companies


o  Demonstrated strong time management skills and the ability to prioritize  complete duties in a efficient manner

o  Coordinated The Ottawa Hospital Anesthesiology Symposium, while gathering positive feedback from multiple committee members and attendees


o  Worked both independently and collaboratively with the Finance group of the Department of            Anesthesiology on budgets & financial projects

o  Contributed to the team dynamic when asked to provide input

Problem Solving:

o  Utilized sound critical thinking skills to interpret the implications of findings throughout post-secondary education

o  Completed challenges  in all facets of my current role within the Department of Anesthesiology  I   including troubleshooting software difficulties and financial issues with little help from others

o  Adapted various restrictions when collecting data for research & patient records

Computer Skills:

o Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Anesthesia Scheduler, SIMS Live Operating Manager, vOACIS)












Algonquin College, Ottawa Canada – Marketing Diploma                                   January 2008 – April 2011


Marshalltown College, (USA) – Arts Degree                                                          September 2005 – April 2007


Nepean High School, Ottawa Canada                                                                     September 2001 – June 2005




Work Experience:


 Scheduling Coordinator                                                                                                January 2012- Present


Ottawa Hospital- Department of Anesthesiology, Ottawa, ON

§  Scheduled 46 staff members on a daily basis into operating rooms and offsite clinics

§  Ensure Anesthesia Scheduler is up to date which in turn populates staff pay on a monthly basis

§   Update daily scheduler, Main Operating Room, Pain Clinic, Acute Pain Service, Case room, & Dental Clinic

§  Create call schedule for a three month block

§  Responsible for keeping statistical information regarding rotation assignments at The Ottawa Hospital

§  Enter resident call shifts, vacations, & lectures

§  Upkeep of daily financial records, verifying codes, collecting billing sheets, provide patients with receipts for non OHIP cases

§  Provide Management Committee with monthly budget

§  Assist pharmaceutical companies with demonstrations

§  Prepare call schedule on a three month basis

§  Assign medical students to the correct areas

§  Track Non-clinical time for all staff that are allotted time


Sales Manager – Artists, Festivals, Labels                                                           August 2013-February 2014


DJ Mag Canada

Coordinated with labels, festivals and artists to get maximum exposure through our channels



Assistant Scheduling Coordinator & Billing                                                           October 2010-January 2012


Ottawa Hospital- Department of Anesthesiology, Ottawa, ON

Reorganizing the daily assignments to accommodate absences/lateness
Enter assignments on daily sheet for MOR
Assisting Scheduling Coordinator as requested
Data entry for future weeks/months and staff availability on an ongoing basis
Notify staff of changes to their weekly assignments including notifying the private clinics, hospital clerks, etc. of any staff changes.
Enter resident call shifts, vacations and lectures.
Receive and enter names of General staff assigned to the Civic Campus.
Review weekly staffing flow assignment sheets.
Review resident and elective and fellow assignments
Enter weekly assignment of medical students.





Administrative Assistant- Coninuting Medical Education (CME)                     October 2008 – October 2010


Ottawa Hospital – Department of Anesthesiology, Ottawa, On

§  Relied on my strong communication skills to collaborate with the Winterlude Committee to organized and execute the 15th & 16th Annual Winterlude Symposium

§  Creation of the Winterlude brochure in Publisher

§  Contacting the lecture speakers and assisting with any logistical issues

§  Created the academic calendar, which entailed Journal Clubs, Visiting Professors, and Research Day





DSB/XP Migration Technician                                                                                June 2008 – August 2008


Department of National Defense Gatineau, QC

§    Assigned to image 18000 computers from Windows 2000 to Windows XP

§      Provided support to staff of DND on technical issues



Office Support Staff (CR-3)                                                                                     September 2007 – March 2008


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada- Finance Sector, Gatineau, QC

§  Carefully assisted the Director of Finance with daily issues

§  Registered and entered data, checked for completeness, tracked, and filed confidential

Information in a team-based setting




Hobbies and Interests: Running competitively, watching and playing sports, travelling,  

Producing music, attending concerts, being active outdoors