Hi. I’m Fumblefunk. I make something I like to call Funkstep, but my musical ability exceeds that of just producing dubstep funk. I can make mostly all genres in my two year music production career.

To start off, I’ve played the drums for 16 years, lots of metal, had that phase. Especially living in the south, I mean, who would’ve thought that there’d be someone who wanted to pursue a career like this there? Well I’m here now, making music ever day, always looking for shows. Which brings us to our next subject.

I can play anywhere from 1- 2 hour festival shows to chillstep to downtempo, but I always stick to edm. I throw in old school funk in my own remixes but other than that I let the synths and the bass do the talking. I focus on my festival shows because that’s where most of my good feedback has come from.

That’s about it with the Bio, thanks for reading, sincerely, Josh Hobson.


  • djing
  • drums
  • mixing
  • music production


Southside High School

Aug 13th 2013 - May 18 2016 Graduate

Yeah it sucked.


Aug 13th 2014 - May 18th 2016 Pass a compass test [98/100%]

WATC is a program that is school funded by our tax dollars to let students go to college and highschool at the same time to purse their career. Of course, that was torture, but it was free college, what can I say? I did Graphic Design and I am about to resume my junior year of college at Uafs in 2018.