Lead Audio Engineer/ Creative Manager

2014-Present                                                                                                        Los Angeles, CA


Rare House Art Collective: Setting up speakers for live events. Maximizing outcome of event with little to no resources. Manage artist line-ups and coordinated DJ sets for artist to perform. Balanced all signal levels properly for best intimate crowd experience. Makes sure artist liked their sound levels during performances. Makes sure all signals are registering in mixing consoles. Set up and book artist to perform on a weekly basis.

Fixed any audio or cosmetic technical difficulty. Provided LA with some of the best intimate experiences as possible with some of the biggest artist.


Freelance Audio Engineer

2014-Present                                                                  Los Angeles, CA

Freelance Audio Engineering: As an audio engineer I have been called out to many studios in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles. Been on tour with many bands and have done stage hand from the biggest venue shows to the local back yard shows. I have established a name and popularity with up incoming artist who understand what a quality mix does to a song and live performance. I track sessions, provide creative direction, and record live bands. I set up microphones, make sure cables are working correctly, run signal through speakers, and break down and set up for the next show. My knowledge and willingness to learn a deeper understanding of outboard gear and signal route drives my work to the best outcome.



Art Institute

2016-Present Associate of Science Audio Engineering