Bank of Venice [Bartender]

April 2015–Present

Welcoming, acknowledging and greeting guests.

Mixing and serving alcoholic beverages to customer & for servers.

Checking a customer’s ID to confirm that they are legally able to consume alcohol.

Ensuring that the bar is always well stocked.

Maintaining a thorough knowledge of all restaurant promotions and drink prices.

Opening restaurant for lunch & closing the bar at the end of the night.

building is locked and secure.

Monitoring the intake of alcohol by guests, and prohibiting the sale of alcohol to those who are intoxicated.


March 2016 & 2017

Bartender for high volume bar at CRSSD Festival in San Diego

Lili Magnolia Catering [Server/Bartender]

May 2106–Present (as needed)

Server for fine dining catering company that hosts upscale events

Sullivan’s Steakhouse [Server]

June 2014–Feb 2016

Acquired two week long fine dining training

Executed daily menu presentation

Provided wine presentations and recommendations

Maintained detailed knowledge of menu items and ingredients to drive sales

Collaborated with the kitchen through POS and verbally to maximize the customer satisfaction

Baltimore Food Truck Gathering [Bartender]

Weekly Sumer Event June 2014-Feb 2016

Bartender for high volume bar at weekly outdoor food truck festival.

Firestone’s Tavern [Bartender]

September 2014–June 2015

Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and patrons

Interacting with customers, taking orders and serving snacks and drinks

Assessing bar customers’ needs and preferences and making recommendations

Check customers’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age

Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies

Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience

Comply with all food and beverage regulations


  • Bartend
  • designer
  • events coordinator
  • server