223 N St. Louis St                                                                                                                        .

Los Angeles , CA, 90033


Phone Number: (516)316-2431

Persuasive, charismatic, creatively –minded, with an inclination of thinking out-of –the box. Highly skilled in oratory, written, and  electronic communication.People person and esteemed leader with responsibilities including planning,organization, sales and overall production of a multitude of projects. Innate drive in all endeavors.


New Music Seminar – NYC                                                                                                           October 2017 –  February 2018

Event Assistant

Assisted in putting together events for music industry related panels, in subject such as A&R, agencies, promotions, management, marketing, & publishing.
Liason to panelist.
Composed panel content and questions.

Freelance Agent/ Tour Manager – NYC                                                                                   August  2017 – October 2017

Served as interim Tour manager for Artist.
Recruited act.
Created and compared offers and contracts.
Negotiated contracts
Contacted and researched promoters and managers.
Booked shows, in New York and Los Angeles.

Universal Attractions Agency – NYC

Agent Assistant                                                                                                                               November 2016 – August 2017

Served as an assistant for both a responsible agent, and territory agent. Completed all tasks asked of me, to the highest expectation.  Served as a liaison between Artist/ Artist Manager, Promoter, and booking agents.Maintain routing schedules, researched , Created and compared offers and contracts. Updated agents, venue representative, manager etc. on progress and changes as the tours advanced. Updated, maintained, and tracked ticketing statistics for several tours and reported trends. For both domestic and international  shows.
Created and implement new A&R type program/guidelines based on ear for music, for finding new up and coming artists for the agency to use not only presently but in the future. Pitched Agents on new acts.
Compared artists fanbase city information from multiple platforms, and made suggestions regarding show sales based off my marketing  knowledge and the research collected. Contrived,researched and presented a tour analysis report, that positively impacted and effectively maximized agency tour  knowledge in many regards. Such as, show sales, marketing, ticket sales, fanbase, promotional strength, and weaknesses etc.
Researched promoters in music markets for tours that should be explored. Ex : new international markets
Worked directly with CEO, on composing a marketing/sponsorship plan and materials for tours. Researched and contacted media companies for  tour sponsorships and marketing.Utilized my marketing background, and gave input on tour marketing materials.
Assisted merchandise department in analyzing invoices,and was able to point out inconsistencies and suggested improvements based off of the conclusion drawn from my efforts.
Represented company at shows and industry events.

Innovative Communication Concepts (ICC), New York, NY                                                                                                           Executive Account Project Manager                                                                                            April 2013 – November 2016

Spearheaded and managed long term and short term projects for Fortune 500 companies both nationally and internationally.


Iona College, New Rochelle, NY,                                                                                                                    August 2008- January 2013                                                                                  School of Arts and Science

Bachelor of Mass Communications, Major: Advertising

South Side High School, Rockville Centre, NY,                                                                                             September 2004- June 2008

Other activities

Surfers Healing

Actively donated to organization
Planned, and promoted events.

Skilled in Adobe applications (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.), Fluent in IT Terminology and language Expert in Microsoft Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.), Google Tools (Docs, Sheets. Etc.) Expert in Overture, Jamplify, as well as sites such as Pollstar, and Celebrity Access.