Toured Europe When I Was 14 With The Oklahoma Philharmonic With My Violin

OYO for Violin

OYP for Violin

Between 2009-2013 I Performed With My Band Headlining Shows, Sold Out Shows, Sold Original Albums and EP’s, Toured For 2 Weeks


Robot,Reboot(artist name currently) I performed: (

Backwoods Music Festival in 2014;

Kill Eddy Album Release Show;

House Parties;


Random Events;

OK DJ Syndicate Sunday Shows at Lake Arcadia;

Currently Have A Single Out Now off of my upcoming album “No Religion” (single that you can find if you look  me up on soundcloud – “Dance It Away” ft. Sketchy);

Music is my passion. All I do everyday is write music or practice my mixes. Being on stage is litterally my favorite place to be in the world. If anyone can contact me about gigs or anything please do. I recently had my first born so I was out of performing for a few months and now I am trying to get back into getting gigs set up.


  • I know how to play and read music for any instrument you can think of(except for wind instruments)