I received my BFA in graphic design with a minor in studio art this year and I’m now ready to fully pursue my passions in design and music. I began my love affair with music festivals in 2013 with Coachella. I was amazed by the quality of production that combined my favorite things in life; live music and interactive art amongst an adult summer camp-like setting. Like summer camp, festivals also instill a sense of community and provide detachment from technology, which allows for stronger bonds to develop among friends and strangers. I found this to be even more the case when I began volunteering at smaller transformational festivals last summer. I helped with production and boutique camping at Lightning in a Bottle, gallery production and graphic design for Firefly Gathering, and worked in merchandise for Sonic Bloom. I also went to Coachella, Electric Forest and Lollapalooza last year, which gave me a very wide range of perspective of different levels of production. I enjoy graphic design, but would also like to do projection mapping, design and build art installations, and eventually art/creative direction. I very much enjoy working in a collaborative team and to bring dreams into reality.


  • adobe illustrator
  • AfterEffects
  • ART
  • building
  • indesign
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • painting
  • photoshop