Hi!) I’m young Dj. I want to give the people many possitive and drives emotions with my work! It’s amasing feelings when you’re playing for people your favorite sound. I’m 19, was graduate dj school in 2016. I’m from Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk.  I have 2 years experience. I was played on festival “kozhen spromozhen”(2 month), played in Dnepr river club “ostrov”(2 month) and (from december 2016 working by march 2017) in winter club “Lavina”. Now I’m resedent of EDM Dnepr and playing in night club Jackson, EDM Hall. I want to grow up because it’s my dream. I prefer EDM culture(house, electro house, progressive house, trap, dub step). Really want to plaing somewere in Europe or USA. May be it’s impossible but i’m try. I’m just trying to improve myself. If you want to listen my promo please click here

So if you want to give me a chance please just write me)

Thank you for attention


  • Working with CDJ/DDj/PC Working with emotions(Sure i mean with people who dancing on the dancefloor)


EDM Dnepr

20.01.17 DJ