Hi my names Leonard Williams and I’m one of the most hardest working individuals. I’ve given up a safe future to pursue a career in the music industry starting from working behind the scenes and hopefully creating a couple hit tracks with some people along the way. I’ve always given myself for less hoping for the best, people tend to look past me because I haven’t received my degree yet but I don’t believe a degree defines who you are or your work ethic because there are plenty of people who weasel their way through. I’ve always been true to myself and know what I want when looking for a possible job opportunity. Hopefully we can work together and brighten the future for everyone. If you’d like to reach me personally you can reach me on my email or my personal number 516-727-2083. Thank you anyone willing to take a leap of faith hope to hear from you soon!


  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • audio engineering
  • DJ for 7 years.
  • Fastest Learner
  • music production
  • Strong knowledge of the Music Industry as a whole. Superb Customer Service Skills


Recording Radio & Film Connection

02/15 - 02/16 Audio Engineer

I’m currently still attending.