It is with great interest that I enclose my curriculum vitae for a position within the team if any positions are available that would suit my skill set.


I feel this job is suited to me due to my passion, drive and interest in music related work. I feel I am optimistic and would add great potential to your team.


Coming from doing a year long BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in Music Technology plus my knowledge of running events in my hometown of Doncaster, I feel all my skills learnt are transferable to any career involved within the music industry. Having researched and studied about the ins and outs of how the music industry works I feel I could excel for working in such an environment. My music production skills from working within a studio environment also gives me an edge to understanding the industry.


Starting and making a success of the brand ‘Vision’ (link attached to CV) gives me skills in how promotional, marketing, communication and team work all fit to the job. This idea of starting events came from having a love/passion for underground house/tech/techno/disco music. The event has now reached 1000 likes on Facebook, this may not seem a lot but in a town where there was no scene for such events I believe we have done extremely well.


I believe I would greatly contribute to your team due to my knowledge, passion and love for music.


Many Thanks,

Lewis Beasley.