Lindsay Reed 

815.266.9209 / Currently located in Freeport, IL but willing to relocate.

I am looking for a career with an event planning company. I enjoy music and the creativity that goes behind the scenes making sure that each vendor, each ticket sale, each employee and so forth is running smoothly. I am currently going to school for sociology and would love to turn that into a job helping plab these amazing events.


August 2013- present job. Nationwide Inbound. (800)482-3768 supervisor- Heidi Homan.

Freeport High School- graduated Jan. 2011

Highland Community College- sociology degree in progress. Projected graduation date with my bachelors is May 2020.




Sarah Schnulle 815.297.5460

Laura Ceruti 815.757.1682



Thank you for any and all opportunity to join your company!


  • adventurer
  • creative
  • driven
  • focused
  • Go getter
  • intuitive
  • leader
  • strong