• adaptable to different situations
  • Diligently work on any task given to me
  • Effective time management skills
  • excellent work ethic
  • musically creative
  • Play the Ukulele
  • strong writing abilities


University of Michigan

2016-2020 Marketing/Communications

-Manage time between academics and 3-4 hours of practice almost every day


Gazelle Sports

June 2017-August 2017 Team Gazelle Warehouse Support Staff

– Managed product inventory
-Organized and shipped more than 300 orders per day from customers
-Promoted soccer sales by presenting products to prospective customers

University of Michigan

January 2018-April 2018 OrgLead student member

-Understanding the importance of leadership within an organization
-Developing the tools necessary to promote a more inclusive organization
-Executing a student-led project to put my organizational and leadership skills to the test