• Audio engineer able to work in broadcast, live performance, and recording environments with equal efficiency.

• Extensive audio recording, editing and mixing and mastering experience.

• Specializes in music composition, arrangement and post production.

• Mentor to aspiring music producers and nightlife professionals.

• Consultant and talent buyer to upscale nightlife establishments.

• Solid background in music business administration.




Digital Audio Workstations (Live, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools): recording, editing, mixing, mastering, troubleshooting

Sound Effects: field recording, editing, sound design

Post Production: sound effect editing, dialog editing, and re-recording

Arranging/Production: vocal and instruments, sound synthesis

MIDI Sequencing, Analog Consoles.




VUDEUX RECORDS | Los Angeles, CA | 2016 – Present Founder + CEO |

• Growing and managing an artist roster of 50+ artists.

• Advising artists on arrangement methods to improve their productions.

• Negotiating and administering contracts, licensing agreements, sales reports, and royalties statements.

• Coordinating release schedules with top industry distributors (Proton, Label Worx, Ditto) to hit targeted markets (Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

• Defining business plan and growth strategy for the label.


SELF EMPLOYED | 2012 – Present Freelance Mixing and Mastering Engineer

• Offering mixing and mastering services to recording artists, voice over actors and other multimedia professionals.

• Performing audio restoration, remastering and CoDec conversions.

• Providing digital multitrack editing, remixing, and troubleshooting.

• Applying compression, saturation and limiting to audio tracks to achieve commercial loudness and playability.

• Advising artists on arrangement techniques to improve their mix-downs in order to achieve a more polished result from mastering.


PAREA PRODUCTIONS | San Francisco, CA | 2011 – 2014 Entertainment Director

• Booking live performers and event staff including DJs, bands, photographers, dancers, and security.

• Negotiating booking fees, technical riders, artist accommodations, and payment terms.

• Coordinating with event promoters and venue staff to establish a cohesive marketing strategy in order to maximize customer engagement.

• Providing expert level knowledge of sound equipment needs and technical consultation.

• Generating ticket sales through web promotion and targeted ad campaigns.



CBS KMVQ NOW 99.7 | San Francisco, CA | 2011 – 2013 Production Assistant & Mixing Board Operator

• Assisting in the recording, editing, voice over and mixing of prime time mix shows including “House Nation” and “Clubbers Commute”.

• Working closely with on-air DJs to source fresh content for the station’s website and social media feeds.

• Maintaining a well cataloged archive of audio drops, sound bites and FX for use in radio advertisements and other promotional material.

• Providing technical support during studio recording sessions and live broadcasts.

• Operating the main mix-board console during live studio broadcasts.


SELF EMPLOYED | 2010 – Present Freelance Nightlife Consultant

• Assisting bars and nightclubs in talent buying efforts (SF: Vessel, Ruby Skye, Monroe, The EndUp; LA: Avalon, Ecco Lounge).

• Advising nightlife establishments of the latest performance equipment standards and expectations in the industry.

• Negotiating artist bookings, event scheduling, promotion and incentives for select events.

• Acting as liaison between large scale event promotion groups and top venue personnel to facilitate clear communications between parties and ensure successful co-ventures.

• Exploring opportunities for new revenue streams relating to nightlife events, promotions and venue partnerships.


SELF EMPLOYED | 2010 – Present Sound Technician

• Configuring audio equipment setup in nightclubs and other venues.

• Testing equipment regularly for optimal functionality and replace gear as needed.

• Advising nightlife establishments of equipment upgrades that could and/or should be made in order to maintain the best experience possible for their guests.

• Troubleshooting any technical audio issues that might occur during an event.

• Operating the front of house mixer during live events.


SELF EMPLOYED | 2009 – Present Nightclub DJ

• Producing and playing original music at nightlife establishments and events.

• Engaging with nightclub attendees and selecting appropriate sounds for the setting.

• Monitoring audio output settings and ensuring safe volume levels for staff and guests in attendance.

• Promoting events and generating ticket sales via web stores and social media channels.

• Coordinating with other DJs and live entertainers to provide the best possible experience for patrons.




Montclair High School | General Education | 2001 – 2005

US NAVY | Advanced Technical Training (ATT) | Electrical and Electronics Engineering | 2006 – 2007

US NAVY | Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (NSW) | Naval Special Warfare | 2006 – 2007

US NAVY | Special Warfare Combat-Crewman Training | Naval Special Warfare | 2007 – 2007




Operating Systems | Windows, Mac, Linux

Software | Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe CC

CRM | Salesforce, Insightly, Pipedrive, MS Dynamics