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Panay Films/Blk-Ops                                                                                                03/2018 – Present

Chief of Staff


·       Manage heavy calendar for business and personal commitments, activities, and invites

·       Handle all travel for executive and assistants

·       Organize constant changing calendar, set-up & post event follow through

·       Organize and prioritize all issues and required information for executive facilitation

·       Liaison between executives and staff

·       Research all things requested from principal’s interest



Tamar Braxton, Los Angeles, CA.                                                                               6/2017- 10/2017

Day-to-Day (Contract Role)


·       Managed daily activities and delegation

·       Maintained calendar with personal manager

·       Scheduled all correspondence with external vendors

·       Organized all events pre and post related to rehearsals, fittings, performances, appearance, interviews

·       Key representative for artist on location, including promotional activities, photo shoots, video, events

·       Worked with creative teams & manager to develop assets for artists



Miguel, Los Angeles, CA.                                                                                             7/2015 – 10/2015

Executive Assistant


·       Managed day to day personal and business activities during the Wild Heart Tour

·       Coordinated with production on all timelines regarding MTV Awards; Miguel was presenter

·       Managed all artist communications among tour manager, production, record label, publicist

·       Facilitated all radio promotions, interviews, and special appearances

·       Managed all invoicing and payments of all vendors as related to the tour, promotions and special appearances



Lady Gaga / House of Gaga, Worldwide                                                                   1/2010 – 7/2015

Executive Assistant

Monster Ball 2011/ Born This Way World Tour 2012-2013/ ArtPop 2014 promotion


·       Executed and balanced overall heavy and demanding schedule of Artist

·       Maintained and updated calendar, receiving holds from all properties and venues

·       Lead and coordinated all travel arrangements including flights, accommodations, vehicles

·       Lead and coordinated all business appointments and special events in production

·       Handled artist’s touring and travel expenses

·       Budgeted expenses in order to maintain over 15%  in savings for tour and promotional travel overhead



Nicole Scherzinger, Hollywood, CA.                                                                          10/2007 – 8/2009

Executive/Personal Assistant


·       Managed all day to day needs of personal and business activities

·       Managed calendar for personal and business affairs

·       Lead client through schedule and provided detailed breakdown of daily activities

·       Worked directly with management, record label executives, business manager, touring executives, lawyers, publicist to communicate business related information to Artist

·       Managed recording sessions with producers/songwriters and artist to keep to maintain production schedule and ensure efficient, high quality sessions



Interscope Records /Universal Music Group, Santa Monica, CA.                     3/2006 – 10/2007

Executive Assistant


·       Worked under the Rhythmic/Alternative radio department, supervised under the office of Nino Cuccinello and Brenda Romano -President of Promotion





Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Marketing, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, 2005