Nikola Mlinarić (Nicola Moreno) was born on 27th July 1991 in Čakovec (Croatia). This young DJ began to build his career at the of 16 in his hometown and the surrounding area, thus getting his first chance to guest appearances on Radio 1 Čakovec show “DJ Premiere” and on the radio Ludbreg 93.4 MHz as the host DJ. Club owners recognize the potential, and his first opportunity is realized in Disco Club “Diana” , after what he conquers the rest of the Međimurje County and 2011 starts to work as a resident DJ at the club “Antrum” in Prelog, where at the same time he participates in the DJ Meeting. Having gained the experience of two years residency in the club Antrum, he accepts the offer as a resident DJ at the renowned popular nightclub “Taboo” in Cakovec where the audience more than positively accepted him, after which he became resident DJ of the club “Green Garden” in Cakovec. He participates at the opening of the nightclub “Car” in Donji Vidovec, gets offers and moves to expand locally to various clubs around his province. Not so far from that appeared his first reviews and newspaper articles that were written by the local editorial “List Međimurje” and Medjimurje newspapers which it presented to the audience of Međimurje.

At his position as a resident DJ, he accepted other gigs around clubs in Croatia and is even making his way to Moscow where he performed in a number of clubs (“Club FM” and “Delight Club”). He is invited to gigs by Cafe – Disco Monaco, played his music at the opening of club “Satyr”,  at club Imperio in Linz (Austria), participated in the release of his music at the Fashion Show in “Gardens Bar” in Varazdin. Great music festivals that were accompanied by his  performance ;  “Arena Cool Beat” (Hotel Panorama in Prelog), festival “Forestland” with Sick Individuals and DubVision, “Springfest – Open Air Party”, and at a big „Reunion“ party, which was held in the club “Aquarius” in Zagreb. He also attended a DJ competition in Vodice “Baloo” beach club where he won first place. He was a guest for 3 consecutive years (2013th-2015th) in Rijeka, “The biggest student parties” in the clubs “Nina 2” and “Mystique” organized by the Students’ Association, where his name is becoming more popular among the younger generations to 30s. Due to Morenos accessibility, the young want him as a DJ on their student parties all over Croatia (Emporio Varazdin, Cakovec Taboo, Rock Art Cafe Varazdin, Arcus Cakovec, Čakovec Paladin) where with his music and communication with people he has never disappointed.

His quest for perfection continues, he entered and successfully completed the academy of music production in Zagreb (MPA) for the audio engineer / producer. But that does not stop his training and desire for music. Soon after he successfully cooperates with a producer duo “House Flyz”, and the young producer named “Carl Rogers” with which publishes the EDM (electro-house) track called  „Torpedo“, and the duo “Zox & Dee” and Rogers  „ALL OVER THE WORLD. You can follow him through facebook pages ( Nicola Moreno –  ), his remixes, mixes and other materials can be found on his youtube (Nicola Moreno Official), soundcloud ( and mixcloud page (


  • academy award
  • cubase
  • DJ
  • fl studio
  • production
  • songwritting