Ruben R. Gomez 12225 Regent Way, Oregon House, CA 95962 (443) 214-6846 (530) 692-1013


To obtain employment and further utilize my skills while enhancing my experience in a newer work environment.

Professional Summary

Driven personality with a passion for music, self-improvement and helping others. Team-minded individual with a background in logistical operations and the intent to employ my skills and enhance them in my further endeavors to achieve my goals.

● Team-oriented ● Competent
● Tactful ● Motivated
Experience Supply Administration and Operations

● Maintained accountability for an $80 million inventory of tactical assets and high-end items to include but not limited to field communications equipment and rugged motor transport vehicles to big screen monitors and to sanctioned ceremonial items. ● Identified and reconciled discrepancies through causative research and thorough record keeping. ● Memorized and categorized numerous inventory items to better determine correct courses of action. ● Managed the disposition of tactical items involving supplementary tasks in privacy, security, environmental and hazardous material requirements. ● Oversaw the unit requisitions and communicated discrepancies from the sources of supply to the requesting commodities. ● Gained familiarity with drafting naval letter correspondence while correctly following format requirements given and then routing and tracking their status and location.

Water Survival Instructor

● Maintained a safe recreational and training environment in an aquatic facility. ● Instructed and trained students in Marine Corps Water Survival and aided in the instruction of Red Cross training. ● Conducted briefing and provided instruction to a class size of over a hundred at a time. ● Ensured the success of non-swimmers through aiding them in their remediation and honest completion of training requirements. ● Assumed responsibilities for the inspection, proper inventory and stowage of hazardous material.
R. R. Gomez 2

● Led teams in pool maintenance and ensured sanitation and beautification of the facilities.

Event Coordinator

● Organized and promoted a local music event. ● Responsibilities included coordination with local artists, live sound engineers and essential staff, reserving a venue, overlook and supervise as the event was executed and lastly beautification and restoration of the facilities. ● The project involved delicate timing and precise communication as planning took place while cross-country and was completely paid for out of pocket. ● Created advertisement with Adobe Illustrator.


● Handles money and cash registers carefully and diligently. ● With skilled customer service abilities, interactions with others were handled confidently with tact and respect. ● Involved in overnight setting of storeroom floors and displays. ● Has worked during hours or events of increased attendance and activity (Black Friday, Holidays, etc.)

Motor Vehicle Operator

● Experience in operating government vehicles, tactical vehicles, and forklifts. ● Displays confidence and adaptability when navigating foreign roadways. ● Provided vehicle support for armed guards, suspects in custody, troops in training, and medical appointments for amputees wounded in combat.


● Provided security for military facilities as an armed sentry to include enlisted quarters, armories and government buildings containing sensitive information. ● Familiarized with the escalation of force, use of deadly force, joint manipulations and oleoresin capsicum. ● Over six years of proficiency in combat marksmanship utilizing various weapons. (M16A4, M4, M240B, M249, M1014, Remington 870, Baretta M9)

Automotive Maintenance

● Aided in the maintenance of tactical vehicles while serving in the United States Marine Corps. ● Tasks conducted were routine and corrective maintenance from replacing brakes, filters and fluids to replacing wholes engines and wiring harnesses.

Primetime Pizza

● Memorized entire menu to improve clarity while providing customer service as a server. ● Practiced punctuality and safety behind the wheel while delivering orders to customers. ● Ensured standards in sanitation while handling food, bussing tables and washing dishes.
R. R. Gomez 3

Music & Arts

● Three years self-taught in utilizing Digital Audio Workshops, Audio interfaces and audio plugins for musical production. (GarageBand, Reaper, Focusrite 2i2, Line 6 Pod Farm, EZ Drummer 2) ● Familiar with Adobe Photoshop and has created projects for military units, elementary schools, software companies and entrepreneurs. ● Over ten years of self-taught guitar playing.

Education ● Northern Virginia Community College [2017] ● Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival Course [2016] ● United States Marine Corps Basic Reconnaissance Primer Course [2016] ● Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training [2013] ● United States Marine Corps Recruit Training [2011] ● North Marysville High School [2010]