Skill Set: Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Net, Aerial Rope, Aerial Cube,
Contortion, Partner Acro- Flyer, Acting, Improv, Singing, Dance
Suspended Motion Aerial Arts Academy
Oct 2016 – “Circus Madhouse” – Solo Aerial Rope Act, Small Group Lyra & Aerial Ladder
May 2016 – “Eventyr: Circus of Fairy Tales” – Solo Net Act, Group Lyra Act, Ground
Dance, Partner Acrobatics
April 2016 – “Spring Showcase” – Solo Lyra Act
Feb 2016 – “Cabaret Circus” Group Lyra Act, Group Silk Acts
Dec 2015 – “Christmas on M ain Street” – Duet Aerial Silk Acts
Oct 2015 – “Carnival of Phobias” – Partner Acro Routine, Group Contortion Act, Aerial Silk Act
Aug 2015 – “Cirque du Summer Showcase” – Solo Aerial Silk Act
June 2015 – “Eventyr: Ivy’s Magical Adventure” – Role of Sandman – Aerial Silk, Partner Acrobatics, Solo Aerial
Feb 2015 – “Cabaret Circus” – Solo Aerial Silk Act, Group Aerial Silk Act, Duet Contortion Act
Jan 2015 – Novo New Year’s Eve – Aerial Silk & Aerial Lyra Flow
Dec 2014 – “Christmas on Main Street” – Duet Aerial Silk Acts
Oct 2014 – “Haunted Toybox” – Solo Aerial Silk Act, Group Aerial Silk Acts
Aug 2014 – “Summer Showcase”- Group Aerial Silk, Group Aerial Lyra
June 2014 – “Eventyr: Elemental Force” – Role of Hope – Solo Aerial Silk Act, Duet Aerial Silk Act, Small Group Aerial
Silk Act
Feb 2014 – “Circus Cabaret” – Group Lyra Act, Group Silk Act, Duet Lyra
Jan 2014 – “Big, BIG Show – New Years Eve” – Aerial Silk Flow
Dec 2013 – “Winter Wonderland Showcase” – Solo Aerial Silk Act, Group Aerial Silk Acts
June 2013 – “Eventyr: Into the Forest” – Role of Tree Spirit – Aerial Silk Acts
Cirque Des B ê tes (performing as “Poppi Fleur”)
July 2016 – Sparkyfest – Partner Acrobatics, Solo Aerial Net
Central Coast Follies
Oct 2016 -Small Group Aerial Silk Act
Oct 2015 -Small Group Aerial Cube Act, Small Group Aerial Lyra Act, Small Group Ground Dance
Oct 2014 -Small Group Aerial Silk Act
SLOTease Burlesque Troupe
Nov 2015 – Group Burlesque Numbers
May 2015 – Group Burlesque Numbers
Hearst Castle
Sept 2015 – “Cigarette Girl” Atmosphere Performer
Sept 2014 – “Masquerade Venetian” Atmosphere Performer
CORE Dance
2014 – “Become” – Duet Aerial Lyra, Duet Aerial Silk
Sept 2016 – Partner Acrobatics
Art After Dark SLO
July 2016 – Aerial Silk and Aerial Lyra Flow
April 2016 – Aerial Lyra Flow to TROPO on Draco Rojo
.April 2014 – Solo Aerial Silk Act
Seven Sisters
2015 – Solo Aerial Lyra Act & Solo Aerial Silk Act
Live Oak
June 2015 – Solo Aerial Sling Act
Burning Man
Sept 2016 – Showcase at Automatic Subconscious/Skinny Kitty Tea Lounge – Solo Aerial Silk Act/Solo Lyra Flow
Sept 2015 – Showcase at Curiouser and Curiouser – Aerial Lyra
Sept 2014 – Showcase at Buddah Lounge & Sakkenoma – Solo Aerial Sling Act
Sensory Overload Empire & Lady Luck Productions
June – Aug 2015 – Various Raves – Aerial Silk & Aerial Lyra Flow
Wedding at Vineyard
Sept 2014 – Aerial Silk Flow, Aerial Lyra Flow
Forever Neverland
Sept 2014 – Aerial Silk Flow, Aerial Lyra Flow
“Cirque du Laguna” Middle School Graduation
June 2014- Aerial Silk Flow
Real Men Drink Pink
May 2013- Aerial Silk Flow
Woods Humane Society
May 2013 – Aerial Silk Flow
June 2014 – Solo Aerial Lyra Act, Duet Aerial Silk Act
June 2013 – Duet Aerial Lyra Act
– Facilitated onboarding and completion of AIRE training program at Suspended Motion Aerial Arts Academy.
– AcroYoga San Diego Solar Immersion


  • Aerial Cube
  • Aerial Hammock
  • Aerial Lyra
  • Aerial Net
  • Aerial Rope
  • Aerial Silk
  • Beginning Contortion
  • Partner Acrobatics